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Learning an instrument can be so challenging!

and yet, you're still inspired to:

find your own voice within your instrument, instead of only playing what someone else told you to play.

improve your technique and musical ability , but you're not sure which direction to turn. You need a clear path that helps you reach your goal.

What I like best about Jam With Lauren is that there's something for every skill level. After you've learned the basic tune, you can challenge yourself to master the embellishments, chords, and harmony. It's a great confidence booster when you suddenly find yourself jamming along with the practice tracks. -Carolyn Finlay

feel independent and confident in your listening skills, your theory knowledge, and know how to use these tools to be the creative musician you know you can be.

and most of all, you want to be prepared and solid at jam sessions and musical gatherings, so you can communicate and collaborate with fellow musicians in a fulfilling way.

Why We Play Music

As an experienced classical violinist who began fiddling later in my musical journey, I have frequently used JWL as a tool. It provides me with the structure that I had grown accustomed to in the study of the classical violin while teaching me new skills to be able to authentically play fiddle tunes. I am able to use JWL to learn new tunes, as well as to dive deeper into tunes that are already familiar by watching and playing along with all of the videos offered for each tune. I use strategies acquired from JWL to better teach tunes to other people as well because the whole point of fiddling is to play together!

Ellie Marston

You can become the musician you've always wanted to be, JUST IMAGINE...

Play Along

You heard a piece of music and were able to pick up your instrument and play along with the recording.

Compose Tunes

You were able to compose your own tunes and songs, because you finally understand basic formulas that musicians have used for centuries to create memorable music.

Jam Session

You could sit down at a jam session and participate by contributing a melody, a solo, a few fills, and stylistically appropriate back up.

Becoming a musician is much easier when you are given the right tools


What you will learn when you join JamWithLauren

The JamWithLauren online fiddle studio is designed for musicians at any level of their practice. Whether you are a beginner or a professional with years of experience, JWL has lessons for you!

Take a look at all of the lessons I will guide you through.


Proper left hand and right hand technique and to avoid injury.


Know what notes you're playing!


Decoding melodies phrase by phrase.


Efficient and artistic bowing patterns.


How to hear chord progressions


How to play chords on your fiddle.


Strategies for efficient practice.


Recognizable repertoire.

What students are saying about JamWithLauren

JamWithLauren was really helpful for me between teachers. It was easier than I expected to learn new songs and the jam tracks helped me keep up with old tunes, and showed me new variations. Having Lauren as a practice buddy made everything way more fun.

Archer Buckbee

Lauren and her site 'JamWithLauren' are the absolute best online resources for beginning to intermediate fiddlers, or any level of classically trained violinist trying to get a handle on playing by ear, improvisation, and back up accompaniment for real 'Old-Time/Bluegrass Fiddling.' I've been through her curriculum a few times and still find myself returning for refreshers on technique and tunes.

Mark Thatcher

Lauren's lessons have been very helpful in my efforts to make the transitions from playing tunes alone to playing with other musicians and singers. She gives just the right amount of music theory to go with clear, concise, and cheerful instruction on playing the melody, adding variations, playing chords to accompany others, and playing in different keys. I am looking forward to using these skills as I build confidence to play with others.

Mark Krahling

I'm Lauren Rioux, how do you do?

I help musicians (mostly string players) unlock their inner voice and achieve their potential. I help you understand and appreciate that the work of becoming a musician is honest and rewarding. It is not about being THE best, it's about being YOUR best. I believe in you, and I'll help you believe in yourself. I know that everyone has the ability to create a sound that they love, experience the joy that your sound produces, and express what you're unable to articulate with words.

I began teaching solely classical violin but went to a fiddle camp after seeing and hearing a multi-generational old-time jam at a teacher's convention. I was floored and devastated my musical education was one dimensional and lacking basic, hands-on skills like sitting down in a jam circle. I got to work and luckily for me my training as an educator helped me become my own teacher, recognizing my independence and creating a step-by-step system to help make sure my students were on a pathway full of open doors.

As a performer, I've traveled all over the United States, parts of Sweden, Spain, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. At all my performances, I request to give workshops to local string players. I consistently hear from attendees that my methods of understanding theory and hearing chord progressions are the most useful and helpful sills these musicians have acquired. I'm always asked for long-distance learning lessons such as Skype and FaceTime. At a certain point, I realized there weren't enough hours in the day to teach EVERYONE who wanted to take lessons with me, practice for myself, exercise, be a wife and a mother.

So, I created JamWithLauren. For musicians at any level who hope to gain a practical understanding of how to play traditional American music.

My experience as a performer and as a music educator has informed this curriculum and repertoire (tunes) selection. The repertoire is organized in a step-by-step progression that allows students to build their skills by hearing both melodies and chord changes.

I've been teaching for 20 years, and online for 5 years. I'm investing in making sure you are successful at learning how to become musically independent.

Let's do this - JamWithMe! (umm, Lauren)

JamWithLauren Curriculum

Course Curriculum

I'll be honest

You're not going to love JamWithLauren if you're looking for a quick way to learn 'hit' melodies. The JamWithLauren system is much much faster than trying to piece together everything from free YouTube videos, random books, and occasional workshops.

This curriculum works, if YOU work. It's going to take time, and patience, and consistent practice from you to achieve your goals. It's OK if you're nervous or have doubts. Once you get inside JamWithLauren, you'll see that my lessons are designed for you to be successful.

Always Accessible.
Anywhere, any time.

Playing an instrument is rewarding and empowering! Don't let your schedule get in the way of when you want to play. The JamWithLauren curriculum is always accessible so that you can jam anywhere at anytime!

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400+ videos for fiddle musicians at any stage of your musical journey. Fine tune technique, nail down chord progressions, learn new tunes, and gain the confidence to join in any jam session!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm not into a subscription? Can I purchase a single lesson?

While we think that the subscription (and all the bonuses) is the best bang for your buck, we do offer featured lessons each month, so be sure to check out which lessons are on the 'specials' board. If you purchased a single lesson, you'll have life long access to that single lesson.

Why JWL instead of YouTube? Or the other online teachers and sites?

Well, we are definitively in the information age. And while it's amazing, it can also be challenging to piece together a program that will help improve, build your skills, gain confidence. I'm tooting my own horn here, but I have a lot of skills as an educator. I'm friendly and warm and I'm specific. I've taught these videos in real time, as if you're standing in front of me. It's like having a private lessons with me. Except at a fraction of the cost. I really think you'll like this system because I build it for you to be a successful learner. Not so I could get rich or even have a side hustle. I care about sharing music and empowering my students. And you can feel that when you watch my lessons.

3 Week Guarantee

You get three weeks to test drive JamWithLauren. If you don't love it, I'll give you a full refund.

Not sure it JamWithLauren is right for you? Well, I'm giving you three weeks, the amount of time it takes to start building a new habit of consistent practicing, to try out my strategies. If you reach out to my team within three weeks after enrollment to let me know that you're not hearing any growth with my lessons, I'll happily give you a full refund.

I'm offering this money-back guarantee because I believe strongly in the JamWithLauren curriculum and I want you to see and hear how game-changing this course can be, risk free.